How do we use Nuxt.js effectively?

A personal website is really essential for professional developers. One of the most important things is to build a website based on a clear goal. As a website developer, the website will reflect exactly our company’s performance. Therefore, let spend time investing the website properly and be proud of it. Nuxt.js is the tool that you are finding to make your dream come true. Nuxt.js is the Javascript foundation which is designed to build Vue applications in an easy way.
A professional website developer is the person which is able to integrate designs with functions for a clear goal. Are you seeking customers? Selling courses? Trying to find a job? Nuxt.js helps you to build a website attributable to your own goal. Nuxt.js gets inspirations from React’s Next – a solution which replaces React developers to start creating the website from the main server. Nuxt.js provides you with a foundation to build single applications which are set by the main server. What you need to do is inserting a command and the computer will do the rest for you. So how can you use Nuxt.js the most effectively?
First of all, make sure that you have deployed Vue commands:

npm install –g vue – cli

After you deployed Vue commands successfully, you can create a new website with the syntax:

vue init nuxt / starter [Name_of_the_project]

Now we can move to the folder of the new website and install dependent variables by running the command:

npm install

The final step is to implement the command:

npm run dev

When creating content for the website, you do not need to consider its form and layout. First, you need to think about the reason why it is necessary for you to create that website, then you prepare content for that purpose. After that, you can consider how to design the website and modify the design if necessary. Finally, you have your system installed successfully and you have your own Nuxt.js.
Nuxt.js is truly a wonderful tool, isn’t it? All you need to do is creating a simple attribute ending with “.vue”, and it will automatically lead to a URL domain. With several commands, you can use a custom domain without any fee. Now your website is ready to perform for customers all over the world.

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