Cloud & Amazon Web Services EC2

Today, while the human’s demand for information is increasing more and more, the storage capacity is limited. Therefore, finding a spacious storage capacity place for information is really important. That the reason why the Cloud was born. Those clouds both create new space and broaden scale space of computer’s resources in order to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of information storage.


The terminology “selling software” sounds more familiar, doesn’t it? It is one of the applications of the Cloud. In the system, it enables running many operating systems in one server as well as controlling not only one but also many websites when they share from the same resource.

As we have known that Amazon has been the largest online selling website in the world. It creates a market place for businessmen to introduce and sell their products and services to customers. So what have made Amazon develop Amazon Web Services EC2 and what have made Amazon Web Services EC2 be reviewed as one of the best services that customers should give it a try after 5 years? The answer is the ability to broaden to unlimited information storage capacity.


Amazon enables individual business to show and introduce their products by helping them create, install and make precautions for applications, which is called for short Amazon Web Services EC2. In another words, Amazon Web Services EC2 is the basic foundation for the cloud environment which helps individual business control their work from one or many servers provided by Amazon, which is called for short EC2.

One advantage when you sign up a new account on EC2, it is completely free and you do not have to provide your credit information like other cloud such as icloud. Once you have an account on EC2, it is more convenient for you to experience online sales on Amazon. No matter how famous Amazon is all over the world, this channel has not been really popular due to the language barrier as well as the difference in exchange rate. But in the near future, it is predictable that this service will absolutely become popular thanks to its beneficial and attractive advantages.

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