What is Google Adwords? How to use it effective?

Google Adwords has proved its proficiency and effectiveness since the first time it was introduced into Vietnamese market.

What is Google Adwords?


  • Google Adwords is a commercial service of Google which allows customers to buy text or image advertisements at searching results or at websites that Google Adsense partners provide.
  • Google Adwords Commercials: A type of commercials that you will have to pay for the commercials to be presented (CPM) or to be clicked (CPC) at the prioritized positions in the searching page or Google network by selecting keywords which are relevant to products/services that your company provides.You only have to pay when potential customers go into your website.

Outstanding benefits of Google Adwords

  • Advertising keywords at Google Adwords has some big advantages that there is no any marketing campaigns which could bring fast and certain result like Google Adwords:
  • Going directly to targeted customers: You commercials will be presented right after users finding keywords which are relevant to products, services that your company provides
  • Less expense, higher effectiveness: Your commercials will be presented when users finding your products/services – every customer going into your website is a potential customer
  • Commercials are presented after 5 minutes: This will help to promote your products/services advertisement to potential customers as fast as possible.
  • Fast and Easy to control
  • Report system is updated accurately: the ability to estimate accurately and to update Google commercials continuously is what traditional commercials do not have

Types of Google Adwords commercials compaigns:

  • Google Adwords keyword commercials
  • Display network Google keyword commercials
  • Shopping.
  • Video
  • Global application

How to use it effectively?


  • In order to use Adwords service, users have to sign up a Gmail account (Google Mail)
  • Customers have to have clear purpose for their own commercials: which position that you would like your commercials to be in, where you would like them to appear and which type of commercials you want to use
  • Control keywords: You can manage keywords by grouping them up. If not, you will have some certain difficulties:
    • The keywords will compete to each other that makes you to pay more money to Google
    • The price for your keywords is not only based on the competitiveness with your rivals but also on the competitiveness with your own keywords to get top positions (except from the comparison situation)
    • Not be able to send the correct message to the targeted customers matching with every single keyword, which results in the decrease in CTR rate or the decrease in the amount of time that customers spending on your page
  • You should choose professional, prestigious advertising firms which are official partners of Google at Vietnam in order to support implementing effective Google Adwords campaigns.

There is no way to send the commercials message to customers as fast as Google Adwords and it is also hard to find any system which is that easy to manage. That is the reason why Google Adwords has become the king in commercials industry.

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