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What is Google Analytics? Knowledge for beginners?


What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a tool using for analyzing Websites effectively, which is provided by Google. This has been considering as a efficient tool for Webmasters and SEO-ers who want to get statistics about their own websites.

Google Analytics is a free service provided by Google which can be used for rating the effectiveness of Online Marketing activities including SEO activities and other ones. Any one even the beginners can use this tool easily.

Klowledge for beginners

Main features of Google Analytics

Dash board: It is the general information website giving statistics about your own website. You can make adjusments to Dash board in order to be presented which information that are important to you.

Visitors: It shows all information related to users going into your website. This will help you understand about the number of visitors going to your website so you can modify your website content to be more attractive.

Traffic sources: This will give you an idea that where the traffic comes from. It will also help SEO-ers get the statistics about where the back-link source comes from.

Content: The reports at Content will focus about the information related to your website content such as which content are viewed the most by users. Bisides, this section also provides information related to keywords, traffic information.

Goal: This will help you to set goals for your own website. Goal is numbers helping you to estimate the effectiveness of your website when comparing between your goals and real statistics.

In general, Google Analytics…

Google Analytics is integrated with AdWords. You can review your marketing campaign online by viewing the quality and changing landing page (your goal). Goals may include sales, creating potential customers, registering email, viewing a particular page or downloading a particular file.

The approaching way of Google Analytics is presenting secondary data, data for original users and professional data for reports. Google Analytics can help you to find pages with low effectiveness by using some techniques such as imaging channel or finding where the customers come from (Ex: social networks, commercials…), how long they stay at your website, their geographical positions and other features. It also provides different advanced features including customized customers segmentation.

What’s more, Google Analytics e-commerce can follow the number of orders on website or what is happening on your own website based on the goals that you have set before. Those reports could show you information related to deals, revenue, what goals have been completed as well as other commercial figures.

A user could follow for a maximum of 100 websites for an account. The limitation for each website is 5 million access every month (2 access every second) unless the websites are reconnected to Google.

Google Analytics provides users with information related to traffic, traffic source, demographic data, customer behaviour…

It could be integrated with other products of Google such as Google AdWords, Google Adsense, Google Webmaster Tools..

How is Google Analytics important to business?

Google Analytics could help business owner to answer those important questions:

  • How could I make marketing campaign effectively?
  • Is my current marketing campaign effective?
  • Is my marketing content attractive?
  • Why don’t customers buy products from my website or going into my website?
  • How can I upgrade the interaction to my website?

The information that the business owner receives from Google Analytics will be the key which helps giving out the suitable business strategy.

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