Boosting your revenue on Website with success online sales campaign

Before you decided to start your business, you must have a marketing strategy to hold your target customer. And actually, in the current boom of technology, the use of e-commerce as a website is no longer to any business. Online sales campain can strengthen your brand, boost revenue during a sluggish period, help you connect with your customers, and increase their loyalty.

There are many online sales campains that you can offer on your eCommerce website. Therefore, an effective online sales campain on the website should be thoroughly researched and detailed planning:

High-end shopping time

For most people, sales are associated with the holidays. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day or Christmas, customers expect to enjoy discounted prices during the special dates of the calendar. It deeply influences the minds of consumers and directly impacts the sales of e-commerce sites. Why do people spend so much during the holidays? It starts from the tradition as well as meets the expectations of the majority of customers. They spend a lot of money and wait for a period of the year, shopping their favorite things and giving their loved ones luxury gifts. Understanding those needs, marketers motivate sales by combining sales campaigns at specific times.

Therefore, you should not let the business “passive” on these important occasions. Many businesses bring their impressive sales. Amazon’s sales rose 19.6 percent from last year (2016) (according to Channel Advisor). Google Shopping, despite the smaller number of customers, also posted a 26.4% increasing. The idea is that you can (and should) run sales programs several times a year, independent of holidays. Be sure to create unique points around your sales, name it (for example, “Sales without prices”, “Catch Me If You Can”, “This Weekend Only”, etc.) to make it more attractive.

Think about your customer

Start yourself a detailed sales plan, including sales form, product line, sales time … Think about what your customer will need to commit and feel confident about purchase. Here are a few options to consider:

Coupon can be used immediately or at other times of the year.

Free shipping: Offers free shipping coupons to create comfort for your customers. It is important that 9 out of 10 consumers say that free shipping is the # 1 priority to shopping online more.

Discount price: It can be in the form of a dollar or a certain percentage. Your customers will enjoy watching the price drop below something.

Discount for specific products or collections: This saves your time and you do not have to search for what is being sold and what’s not.


Creating a sales campaign on your website

You’re ready, the next step is a few ways to draw attention to your sales, directly on your website:

Create a Customer-Oriented Landing Page: conquer customer in attractive design landing page.

Impressive Banner: One of the simplest ways to let people know that you are selling is by adding a banner to your website.

Dialogue inbox: Allows your website visitors to know about your sale with a reminder that will show on the page after a pre-defined time period. You can even add a button directly to your sales page so they can choose to take advantage of the savings soon after.

Combined with other sales channels

You can post a sales banner on Facebook and create your sales form – you can host Facebook Live, a contest or any other activity around your sales campaign. Encourage customer engagement on social media by offering additional discounts to people who answer questions, post pictures or complete some of the activities you create.


Last and most important, always remind your customers

Do not forget to always remind your customers, this does not mean daily reminders, but several days later, by posting on all your social media pages. When you reach the bottom of the sales agenda, convey the sense of urgency and remind the final shoppers about the transaction in a short time. Send an email with a title “Last chance! 50% off in 24 hours” and post a similar banner on your Facebook and the home page of your site. The gentle pressure of time can inspire shoppers.

Ready to sell your way to the top? Create your Wonderful Ecommerce website today!

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