What is SEO keyword? An effective SEO keyword can quickly make your commercials get to top positions

What is SEO keyword?

Keyword in SEO is the important factor to any searching tool. Choosing correct keywords to customize is necessary which guarantee the success of any SEO campaign. Otherwise the SEO process not only wastes time but also money and effort of the company.

Effective keyword SEO methods that can quickly make your commercials get to top positions

There are several ways for your SEO keywords get top quickly

Analyze and Select keywords

Analyze and Select keywords

Prior to do activities related to SEO Web, you have to understand how to analyze keywords and carefully consider when it comes to choose competitive keywords. Analyzing and selecting keywords are especially important, which affect directly to the result and expense. These are some clues advising you how to select keywords effectively:

  • Choose keywords which each has 4-7 words
  • Keywords focusing on geography
  • Domain SEO
  • SEO at the Menu of Website
  • Content SEO
  • Combination of content SEO and video/image SEO

Create content for keywords

You need to prepare qualified and unique content for every keyword. Google will absolutely like this. If you can prepare this step well, Google could get your keyword to top positions quickly even without textlink.

Customize on-page for landing page

After having excellent content, you gather all of them to one page and customize that page. When it comes to customization step, make sure that:

  • Title is concise and understandable. It is best when it has keywords first.
  • URL Google is readable as well as friendly with users
  • Title and Description cards are available when users go into the page. Without them, it is hard for keywords to go onto top positions.
  • Use <h1> card for title and <strong> for the main keyword
  • Fast access speed. No malicious code.

Build textlink network

In this step, you need to grasp these main factors:

  • You only choose to buy textlink at websites which are correlated to your business model. Do not buy textlink at improper or unrelated websites
  • It should have 3-5 textlinks for every keyword and each textlink should last at least 2 months in order for Google to have enough time to rate. The more textlinks, the more effectiveness. However, you should disperse textlink for a range of time, do not put all textlinks into a point of time.
  • Choose to buy textlink at websites which have outlink number under 25, PageRank more than 0 and domain lasting for at least 6 months.

Create many backlink

Backlink directs people into your page. There are many ways to build backlink such as writing blog, commenting blog, forum post, menu submit… The more backlinks into your site, the higher rank you will get. When it comes to build backlink, remember 3 main rules: the quality of the site to put link, link position and the relevance to the content. Do not try to spam by creating a lot of useless link which has no help but harms.

Develop social media

Build strong social network (Google Plus (Google+), Facebook, Twitter, Zing Me…). The more active your website is, the more chances for you to increase your finding rank.

Wait, reinforce and perfectionize the content

Check changes in the rank of the keywords of those mentioned projects. As well, you also have to upgrade the content on the website in order to facilitate for customers. Besides, you need to make sure that your textlink network is always stable to work.

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