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Namtech is proud of long-term outsource many large companies such as The Native Pty Ltd, Fast Rabbit Pty Ltd… With more than 08 years of experience in the field of designing, building software and websites, we have had hundreds of projects large and small spread all over the world especially: Australia, United Kingdom, Netherlands and the United States. Accompanying with professionals who are highly experienced in technology application design and development are young, professionally trained and passionate technology staff. Therefore, we are confident to undertake projects with high complexity, requiring in-depth expertise. Our leading mission is to help customers find the right IT solutions and products, professional design styles and reasonable costs.

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Boosting your revenue on Website with success online sales campaign

Before you decided to start your business, you must have a marketing strategy to hold your target customer. And actually, in the current boom of technology, the use of e-commerce as a website is no longer to any business. Online sales campain can strengthen your brand, boost revenue during a sluggish period, help you connect with your customers, and increase their loyalty.

There are many online sales campains that you can offer on your eCommerce website. Therefore, an effective online sales campain on the website should be thoroughly researched and detailed planning:

High-end shopping time

For most people, sales are associated with the holidays. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day or Christmas, customers expect to enjoy discounted prices during the special dates of the calendar. It deeply influences the minds of consumers and directly impacts the sales of e-commerce sites. Why do people spend so much during the holidays? It starts from the tradition as well as meets the expectations of the majority of customers. They spend a lot of money and wait for a period of the year, shopping their favorite things and giving their loved ones luxury gifts. Understanding those needs, marketers motivate sales by combining sales campaigns at specific times.

Therefore, you should not let the business “passive” on these important occasions. Many businesses bring their impressive sales. Amazon’s sales rose 19.6 percent from last year (2016) (according to Channel Advisor). Google Shopping, despite the smaller number of customers, also posted a 26.4% increasing. The idea is that you can (and should) run sales programs several times a year, independent of holidays. Be sure to create unique points around your sales, name it (for example, “Sales without prices”, “Catch Me If You Can”, “This Weekend Only”, etc.) to make it more attractive.

Think about your customer

Start yourself a detailed sales plan, including sales form, product line, sales time … Think about what your customer will need to commit and feel confident about purchase. Here are a few options to consider:

Coupon can be used immediately or at other times of the year.

Free shipping: Offers free shipping coupons to create comfort for your customers. It is important that 9 out of 10 consumers say that free shipping is the # 1 priority to shopping online more.

Discount price: It can be in the form of a dollar or a certain percentage. Your customers will enjoy watching the price drop below something.

Discount for specific products or collections: This saves your time and you do not have to search for what is being sold and what’s not.


Creating a sales campaign on your website

You’re ready, the next step is a few ways to draw attention to your sales, directly on your website:

Create a Customer-Oriented Landing Page: conquer customer in attractive design landing page.

Impressive Banner: One of the simplest ways to let people know that you are selling is by adding a banner to your website.

Dialogue inbox: Allows your website visitors to know about your sale with a reminder that will show on the page after a pre-defined time period. You can even add a button directly to your sales page so they can choose to take advantage of the savings soon after.

Combined with other sales channels

You can post a sales banner on Facebook and create your sales form – you can host Facebook Live, a contest or any other activity around your sales campaign. Encourage customer engagement on social media by offering additional discounts to people who answer questions, post pictures or complete some of the activities you create.


Last and most important, always remind your customers

Do not forget to always remind your customers, this does not mean daily reminders, but several days later, by posting on all your social media pages. When you reach the bottom of the sales agenda, convey the sense of urgency and remind the final shoppers about the transaction in a short time. Send an email with a title “Last chance! 50% off in 24 hours” and post a similar banner on your Facebook and the home page of your site. The gentle pressure of time can inspire shoppers.

Ready to sell your way to the top? Create your Wonderful Ecommerce website today!

What is Google Analytics? Knowledge for beginners?


What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a tool using for analyzing Websites effectively, which is provided by Google. This has been considering as a efficient tool for Webmasters and SEO-ers who want to get statistics about their own websites.

Google Analytics is a free service provided by Google which can be used for rating the effectiveness of Online Marketing activities including SEO activities and other ones. Any one even the beginners can use this tool easily.

Klowledge for beginners

Main features of Google Analytics

Dash board: It is the general information website giving statistics about your own website. You can make adjusments to Dash board in order to be presented which information that are important to you.

Visitors: It shows all information related to users going into your website. This will help you understand about the number of visitors going to your website so you can modify your website content to be more attractive.

Traffic sources: This will give you an idea that where the traffic comes from. It will also help SEO-ers get the statistics about where the back-link source comes from.

Content: The reports at Content will focus about the information related to your website content such as which content are viewed the most by users. Bisides, this section also provides information related to keywords, traffic information.

Goal: This will help you to set goals for your own website. Goal is numbers helping you to estimate the effectiveness of your website when comparing between your goals and real statistics.

In general, Google Analytics…

Google Analytics is integrated with AdWords. You can review your marketing campaign online by viewing the quality and changing landing page (your goal). Goals may include sales, creating potential customers, registering email, viewing a particular page or downloading a particular file.

The approaching way of Google Analytics is presenting secondary data, data for original users and professional data for reports. Google Analytics can help you to find pages with low effectiveness by using some techniques such as imaging channel or finding where the customers come from (Ex: social networks, commercials…), how long they stay at your website, their geographical positions and other features. It also provides different advanced features including customized customers segmentation.

What’s more, Google Analytics e-commerce can follow the number of orders on website or what is happening on your own website based on the goals that you have set before. Those reports could show you information related to deals, revenue, what goals have been completed as well as other commercial figures.

A user could follow for a maximum of 100 websites for an account. The limitation for each website is 5 million access every month (2 access every second) unless the websites are reconnected to Google.

Google Analytics provides users with information related to traffic, traffic source, demographic data, customer behaviour…

It could be integrated with other products of Google such as Google AdWords, Google Adsense, Google Webmaster Tools..

How is Google Analytics important to business?

Google Analytics could help business owner to answer those important questions:

  • How could I make marketing campaign effectively?
  • Is my current marketing campaign effective?
  • Is my marketing content attractive?
  • Why don’t customers buy products from my website or going into my website?
  • How can I upgrade the interaction to my website?

The information that the business owner receives from Google Analytics will be the key which helps giving out the suitable business strategy.

What is Google Adwords? How to use it effective?

Google Adwords has proved its proficiency and effectiveness since the first time it was introduced into Vietnamese market.

What is Google Adwords?


  • Google Adwords is a commercial service of Google which allows customers to buy text or image advertisements at searching results or at websites that Google Adsense partners provide.
  • Google Adwords Commercials: A type of commercials that you will have to pay for the commercials to be presented (CPM) or to be clicked (CPC) at the prioritized positions in the searching page or Google network by selecting keywords which are relevant to products/services that your company provides.You only have to pay when potential customers go into your website.

Outstanding benefits of Google Adwords

  • Advertising keywords at Google Adwords has some big advantages that there is no any marketing campaigns which could bring fast and certain result like Google Adwords:
  • Going directly to targeted customers: You commercials will be presented right after users finding keywords which are relevant to products, services that your company provides
  • Less expense, higher effectiveness: Your commercials will be presented when users finding your products/services – every customer going into your website is a potential customer
  • Commercials are presented after 5 minutes: This will help to promote your products/services advertisement to potential customers as fast as possible.
  • Fast and Easy to control
  • Report system is updated accurately: the ability to estimate accurately and to update Google commercials continuously is what traditional commercials do not have

Types of Google Adwords commercials compaigns:

  • Google Adwords keyword commercials
  • Display network Google keyword commercials
  • Shopping.
  • Video
  • Global application

How to use it effectively?


  • In order to use Adwords service, users have to sign up a Gmail account (Google Mail)
  • Customers have to have clear purpose for their own commercials: which position that you would like your commercials to be in, where you would like them to appear and which type of commercials you want to use
  • Control keywords: You can manage keywords by grouping them up. If not, you will have some certain difficulties:
    • The keywords will compete to each other that makes you to pay more money to Google
    • The price for your keywords is not only based on the competitiveness with your rivals but also on the competitiveness with your own keywords to get top positions (except from the comparison situation)
    • Not be able to send the correct message to the targeted customers matching with every single keyword, which results in the decrease in CTR rate or the decrease in the amount of time that customers spending on your page
  • You should choose professional, prestigious advertising firms which are official partners of Google at Vietnam in order to support implementing effective Google Adwords campaigns.

There is no way to send the commercials message to customers as fast as Google Adwords and it is also hard to find any system which is that easy to manage. That is the reason why Google Adwords has become the king in commercials industry.

What is HTTP, HTTPS? Learn about HTTP & HTTPS protocols?

What is HTTP, HTTPS?

What is HTTP?

What is HTTP

HTTP is the abbreviation of HyperText Transfer Protocol. It is the protocol which is applicable in TCP/IP Protocol which includes a group of foundation protocol for internet.

When you type a Web URL into Web browser, a HTTP code will be sent to Web server in order to request and guide to find exactly the website requested. This website will be pulled afterwards and presented in Web browser. In another words, HTTP is the protocol helping the file transfer from a Web server to a Web browswer that a customer could view a web presented in Web browser.

What is HTTPS?

What is HTTPS

HTTPS is the abbreviation of HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure. It is the combination between HTTP protocol and secure protocol SSL or TLS which allows the information exchange on Internet happening in a secure way. HTTPS protocol is usually used in sensitive deals which need high security.

Learn about HTTP & HTTPS protocols?

Learn about HTTP & HTTPS protocols

Security level

According to the definitions mentioned above, we can see that:

If a web starts with http://, it means that this website is not really safe and has no security

If a web starts with https://, it means that this website is safe and has high security

Importance level

http:// is a hidden disaster

Although it is popular, HTTP has a lot ot disadvantages. The IP addresses that you want to go into have no way to confirm. The information which are transferred at HTTP protocol including your IP, your information that you put into the website… is also not codified and secured.

This will lead to the fact that your connection to the Website server could be followed, or your connection could be changed to a fake Website which has an identical design to the original website.

https:// is necessary and unavoidable development

HTTPS will help you to confirm the website ID that the users going into by checking security certificate. Those confirmations are provided by Certificate Authority. With the confirmation from CA, the customers will know that they are going into the correct websites, not fake websites.

Besides, the connections from your browser to server will be codified. This will help to hide your IP information as well as your account information from hackers. This is the effective way to protect Internet users’ information.

Internet users should notice:


It is very simple to check a website if it uses HTTPS or not. You only need to see if the Website URL starts with HTTP or HTTPS. Besides, the HTTPS protocol usually goes with a lock image. When you put your mouse at the image, it will show you the Certificate Authority mentioned above. It is the signal showing that the website that your are into is the real website.

Every user should be an intelligent user. You just need to start with going ino to websites starting with https:// as well as be careful and stay away from those websites starting with http://

What is SEO keyword? An effective SEO keyword can quickly make your commercials get to top positions

What is SEO keyword?

Keyword in SEO is the important factor to any searching tool. Choosing correct keywords to customize is necessary which guarantee the success of any SEO campaign. Otherwise the SEO process not only wastes time but also money and effort of the company.

Effective keyword SEO methods that can quickly make your commercials get to top positions

There are several ways for your SEO keywords get top quickly

Analyze and Select keywords

Analyze and Select keywords

Prior to do activities related to SEO Web, you have to understand how to analyze keywords and carefully consider when it comes to choose competitive keywords. Analyzing and selecting keywords are especially important, which affect directly to the result and expense. These are some clues advising you how to select keywords effectively:

  • Choose keywords which each has 4-7 words
  • Keywords focusing on geography
  • Domain SEO
  • SEO at the Menu of Website
  • Content SEO
  • Combination of content SEO and video/image SEO

Create content for keywords

You need to prepare qualified and unique content for every keyword. Google will absolutely like this. If you can prepare this step well, Google could get your keyword to top positions quickly even without textlink.

Customize on-page for landing page

After having excellent content, you gather all of them to one page and customize that page. When it comes to customization step, make sure that:

  • Title is concise and understandable. It is best when it has keywords first.
  • URL Google is readable as well as friendly with users
  • Title and Description cards are available when users go into the page. Without them, it is hard for keywords to go onto top positions.
  • Use <h1> card for title and <strong> for the main keyword
  • Fast access speed. No malicious code.

Build textlink network

In this step, you need to grasp these main factors:

  • You only choose to buy textlink at websites which are correlated to your business model. Do not buy textlink at improper or unrelated websites
  • It should have 3-5 textlinks for every keyword and each textlink should last at least 2 months in order for Google to have enough time to rate. The more textlinks, the more effectiveness. However, you should disperse textlink for a range of time, do not put all textlinks into a point of time.
  • Choose to buy textlink at websites which have outlink number under 25, PageRank more than 0 and domain lasting for at least 6 months.

Create many backlink

Backlink directs people into your page. There are many ways to build backlink such as writing blog, commenting blog, forum post, menu submit… The more backlinks into your site, the higher rank you will get. When it comes to build backlink, remember 3 main rules: the quality of the site to put link, link position and the relevance to the content. Do not try to spam by creating a lot of useless link which has no help but harms.

Develop social media

Build strong social network (Google Plus (Google+), Facebook, Twitter, Zing Me…). The more active your website is, the more chances for you to increase your finding rank.

Wait, reinforce and perfectionize the content

Check changes in the rank of the keywords of those mentioned projects. As well, you also have to upgrade the content on the website in order to facilitate for customers. Besides, you need to make sure that your textlink network is always stable to work.

Vì sao google “ghét” website của bạn?

Thứ nhất, từ “ghét” ở đây được dùng theo nghĩa bóng. Không phải vì google ghét website là do website cạnh tranh thông tin với google .
Thực ra tất cả các website đều được tìm kiếm thông qua từ khóa trên google.
Tuy nhiên website của bạn có thể bị rơi vào danh sách đen của google, nói cách khác bị “ghét”. Tức là khi đó website của bạn gần như không thể tìm kiếm thông qua google.
Vậy bạn cần làm gì để tránh trường hợp google sẽ cho website của bạn vào danh sách hạn chế?

  • Từ khóa bạn dùng phải phù hợp:
    • Hãy đảm bảo rằng nội dung trên trang web của bạn chứa những từ khóa quan trọng. Và đừng quên chỉ sử dụng các từ khóa trong thẻ META cho từ khóa cho trang web của bạn.
  • Tránh việc sử dụng quá nhiều hình ảnh trong khi rất ít chữ trên website:
    • Hãy cung cấp nhiều nội dung (cùng với tên và trang Web URL) Các nhà quản trị web khác sẽ vui vẻ đưa bài báo của bạn vào trang Web của họ.
    • Luôn đi trước trong lĩnh vực của bạn. Nếu trang lớn “ABC” xuất ra sản phẩn “XYZ” trong mùa thu, thì hãy viết về sản phẩm hoặc lĩnh vực sản phẩm nói chung và có trong tháng sáu để SE có thể tìm thấy nó sớm. Ví dụ, ngày nay bạn có thể tìm thấy tất cả các trang Nintendo GameCube trong Google – những trang này đã được đăng 3-4 tháng trước đây.
    • Xây dựng một trang chứa nội dung có chất lượng hàng ngày. Thường xuyên viết các bài báo có tính chất thời sự với khoảng 250-500 từ. Nếu bạn không chắc chắn mình có thể viết về cái gì, hãy xem lại các file lưu trữ để tìm kiếm những cụm từ đã được sử dụng cho trang của bạn.
  • Luôn cập nhật xu hướng thiết kế cho website của bạn:
    • Một trong những yếu tố quan trọng Google sử dụng để xếp hạng website đó là thiết kế. Google rất quan tâm và đánh giá cao những website mang đến cho người dùng một trải nghiệm cao cấp. Vì vậy nếu website không thể thu hút đối tượng mục tiêu, có trải nghiệm kém, tự động sẽ chìm dần, chìm dần trong thứ hạng tìm kiếm. Sau đây là một số điều cần xem xét:
      • Website của bạn đã thiết kế quá 5 năm?
      • Website của bạn có đang hoạt động tốt trên thiết bị di động? (Website tương thích di động?)
      • Website của bạn đã có đủ các nhóm thẻ cần thiết? (meta tag?)
      • Website của bạn đã có sitemap (bản đồ website) cho Google?

Vì social marketing đang là một xu thế trong thời dại công nghiệp 4.0 nên để có một website tốt đưa sản phẩm đến khách hàng một cách hiệu quả và nằm trong danh sách yêu thích của google, các nhà quản trị cần đặc biệt quan tâm đến các vấn đề trên.

What is Nuxt.js? How is it operating?

If you are studying information technology at university to become a professional information technology personnel in the future, make sure that you do not miss out this valuable article. Prior to researching about Nuxt.js, we need to increase the information technology terminology related to Nuxt.js.

How do you know about framework terminology? Framework could be understood as a fixed frame – the original structure of a particular organism. In programming information technology, it has been seen as a programming foundation as well as a practical foundation that programmers write information technology equations into framework with program language.

So what is program language? Human beings have invented automatic machines or robots or products in order to help us to minimize human’s workload. One of the industrial innovation’s achievements is inventing intelligent machines including technological products. We can easily see popular examples of them such as laptop, smart phones… In order for those machines to understand our ideas or opinions, we have to codify our language into those machines’ language, which is usually called program language.

Javascript is a program language. Like Java, Ruby or Python, Javascript is a tool facilitating the communication process between human and computers. Javascript is used to create interactive websites and mobile layouts.

What is React? React is a library which is written by the program language Javascript in order to create layout. React is usually used for website and mobile layouts.
Now we come back to Nuxt.js. What is Nuxt.js? Nuxt.js is a framework which is built on React in order to make “server-rendered universal Javascript webapps” written by the program language Javascript. “Server-rendered universal Javascript webapps” could be considered as Javascript websites which are very popular on servers, they are especially used to make Universal Vue.js applications.

Due to working on a framework, Nuxt.js has many beneficial features to the development between client and server. Client is linked with server in a parent-and-son relationship.

Other functions of Nuxt.js are creating files.vue to work with Vue, automatically codifying, developing functions supporting reloading as well as supporting ES6/ES7 to package…

Today, Nuxt.js is very beneficial because of its stability. Programmers and technological lovers all feel satisfied when it comes to experiences with Nuxt.js and program language Javascript – which was originally not in favour of users. Through this article, you have the certain knowledge about Nuxt.js as well as its functions.

Cloud & Amazon Web Services EC2

Today, while the human’s demand for information is increasing more and more, the storage capacity is limited. Therefore, finding a spacious storage capacity place for information is really important. That the reason why the Cloud was born. Those clouds both create new space and broaden scale space of computer’s resources in order to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of information storage.


The terminology “selling software” sounds more familiar, doesn’t it? It is one of the applications of the Cloud. In the system, it enables running many operating systems in one server as well as controlling not only one but also many websites when they share from the same resource.

As we have known that Amazon has been the largest online selling website in the world. It creates a market place for businessmen to introduce and sell their products and services to customers. So what have made Amazon develop Amazon Web Services EC2 and what have made Amazon Web Services EC2 be reviewed as one of the best services that customers should give it a try after 5 years? The answer is the ability to broaden to unlimited information storage capacity.


Amazon enables individual business to show and introduce their products by helping them create, install and make precautions for applications, which is called for short Amazon Web Services EC2. In another words, Amazon Web Services EC2 is the basic foundation for the cloud environment which helps individual business control their work from one or many servers provided by Amazon, which is called for short EC2.

One advantage when you sign up a new account on EC2, it is completely free and you do not have to provide your credit information like other cloud such as icloud. Once you have an account on EC2, it is more convenient for you to experience online sales on Amazon. No matter how famous Amazon is all over the world, this channel has not been really popular due to the language barrier as well as the difference in exchange rate. But in the near future, it is predictable that this service will absolutely become popular thanks to its beneficial and attractive advantages.

How do we use Nuxt.js effectively?

A personal website is really essential for professional developers. One of the most important things is to build a website based on a clear goal. As a website developer, the website will reflect exactly our company’s performance. Therefore, let spend time investing the website properly and be proud of it. Nuxt.js is the tool that you are finding to make your dream come true. Nuxt.js is the Javascript foundation which is designed to build Vue applications in an easy way.
A professional website developer is the person which is able to integrate designs with functions for a clear goal. Are you seeking customers? Selling courses? Trying to find a job? Nuxt.js helps you to build a website attributable to your own goal. Nuxt.js gets inspirations from React’s Next – a solution which replaces React developers to start creating the website from the main server. Nuxt.js provides you with a foundation to build single applications which are set by the main server. What you need to do is inserting a command and the computer will do the rest for you. So how can you use Nuxt.js the most effectively?
First of all, make sure that you have deployed Vue commands:

npm install –g vue – cli

After you deployed Vue commands successfully, you can create a new website with the syntax:

vue init nuxt / starter [Name_of_the_project]

Now we can move to the folder of the new website and install dependent variables by running the command:

npm install

The final step is to implement the command:

npm run dev

When creating content for the website, you do not need to consider its form and layout. First, you need to think about the reason why it is necessary for you to create that website, then you prepare content for that purpose. After that, you can consider how to design the website and modify the design if necessary. Finally, you have your system installed successfully and you have your own Nuxt.js.
Nuxt.js is truly a wonderful tool, isn’t it? All you need to do is creating a simple attribute ending with “.vue”, and it will automatically lead to a URL domain. With several commands, you can use a custom domain without any fee. Now your website is ready to perform for customers all over the world.