What is HTTP, HTTPS? Learn about HTTP & HTTPS protocols?

What is HTTP, HTTPS?

What is HTTP?

What is HTTP

HTTP is the abbreviation of HyperText Transfer Protocol. It is the protocol which is applicable in TCP/IP Protocol which includes a group of foundation protocol for internet.

When you type a Web URL into Web browser, a HTTP code will be sent to Web server in order to request and guide to find exactly the website requested. This website will be pulled afterwards and presented in Web browser. In another words, HTTP is the protocol helping the file transfer from a Web server to a Web browswer that a customer could view a web presented in Web browser.

What is HTTPS?

What is HTTPS

HTTPS is the abbreviation of HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure. It is the combination between HTTP protocol and secure protocol SSL or TLS which allows the information exchange on Internet happening in a secure way. HTTPS protocol is usually used in sensitive deals which need high security.

Learn about HTTP & HTTPS protocols?

Learn about HTTP & HTTPS protocols

Security level

According to the definitions mentioned above, we can see that:

If a web starts with http://, it means that this website is not really safe and has no security

If a web starts with https://, it means that this website is safe and has high security

Importance level

http:// is a hidden disaster

Although it is popular, HTTP has a lot ot disadvantages. The IP addresses that you want to go into have no way to confirm. The information which are transferred at HTTP protocol including your IP, your information that you put into the website… is also not codified and secured.

This will lead to the fact that your connection to the Website server could be followed, or your connection could be changed to a fake Website which has an identical design to the original website.

https:// is necessary and unavoidable development

HTTPS will help you to confirm the website ID that the users going into by checking security certificate. Those confirmations are provided by Certificate Authority. With the confirmation from CA, the customers will know that they are going into the correct websites, not fake websites.

Besides, the connections from your browser to server will be codified. This will help to hide your IP information as well as your account information from hackers. This is the effective way to protect Internet users’ information.

Internet users should notice:


It is very simple to check a website if it uses HTTPS or not. You only need to see if the Website URL starts with HTTP or HTTPS. Besides, the HTTPS protocol usually goes with a lock image. When you put your mouse at the image, it will show you the Certificate Authority mentioned above. It is the signal showing that the website that your are into is the real website.

Every user should be an intelligent user. You just need to start with going ino to websites starting with https:// as well as be careful and stay away from those websites starting with http://

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